Topic: Liepų tvarkaraštis Goricijoje


DATE                TIME                                                PLACE                                                     CATEGORY
24th july         13.45 - 13.50    Teatro Verdi, via Garibaldi, 1                                         Acoustic rehearsals (*)
24th july         17.40 - 17.50    Teatro Verdi, via Garibaldi, 1                                         Category 1d "1911- present day"  SEMI FINAL PHASE
25th july         15.00 - 15.10    Teatro Verdi, via Garibaldi, 1                                         Category 2a "Folk Music "  SEMI FINAL PHASE
25th july         18.30 - 18.40    Teatro Verdi, via Garibaldi, 1                                         Category 3 contemporary music
25th july                20.00         Boarding school "S. Luigi", via Don Bosco 48 - Gorizia  Open Air Party (***)
26th july                09.00         Teatro Verdi, via Garibaldi, 1                                          Categories 1 - 2    FINAL PHASE (****)
26th july                16.45         Teatro Verdi, via Garibaldi, 1                                          Grand Prix Seghizzi (**)
26th july                20.45         Teatro Verdi, via Garibaldi, 1                                          Award ceremony and concert gala of the winning choirs
27th july                21.00          Moraro (GO), Church                                                    "Seghizzinregione" Festival

a. At its arrival in Gorizia, the choir is asked to come to the Association's Secretariat, in Corso Verdi 85, to take the documents arranged for the group
b. The choir shall be present in the Teatro Verdi at least 30 minutes before the start of its own performance.
(*) The choir can do the acoustic test only if needed; we remind that the time at choirs' disposal is about 5 minutes so it's ONLY for a SHORT acoustic test of the hall
(**) The best qualified choirs in the final phase of the competition (categories 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d, 2a, 2b, 2c) will take part on Sunday 26th July 2015 at 16.45 o'clock in the selection to award the "Grand Prix Seghizzi" (VIII Trophy of the Nations).
Free entrance in the theatre for all the other choirs.
(***) Popular party with all the choir taking part into the contest ... eating, drinking, singing and dancing at large...   
------ For groups that don't have personal transportation, there will be a bus at choirs' disposal in front of the Teatro Verdi, starting from 20.00.           
-------For organizational reasons we kindly ask you to let us know how many persons of the choir will participate.
(****) During the Open Air Party on Saturday 25th July, at about 22.00 o'clock will be communicated the list of choirs admitted to finals.

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